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To see more previews before they're released publicly become a supporter!Here are some animation previews coming in a future build of Our Apartment, please check out our previous post about visual upgrades!“But you’ve got 15 years to build relationships that you want, to try to get your life as best as possible.” This idea of living the best possible life stems directly from the game’s namesake, “The Road Not Taken,” one of the more famous works by American poet Robert Frost.“One interpretation tends to be like: sometimes you have to pick a path in life and live with it.

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Road Not Taken is a hell of a game to sum up in one snappy introduction.

The studio is quickly building a résumé full of indie hits the likes of Triple Town, Steam Birds, and Realm of the Mad God.

His efforts on their most recent offering include design and writing, drawing from deeply personal elements and hardships of his own life to fuel an experience that not only resonates with players but also affords him the chance to get it all out in the open. As CEO of the dozen-person development house, Edery shares the other half of the co-founder moniker.

You begin Road Not Taken washed up on the shores of a village.

As the newest member of the tiny society, you’re quickly tasked with earning your keep by setting out into the surrounding woods and rescuing lost children – but there’s a catch.

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