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Tong and her colleagues set out to examine the differences in users' impressions of sites employing algorithms versus sites using see-and-screen type designs.More precisely, the aim of this study was to investigate whether the design of online dating systems influences users’ feeling of control and decision making satisfaction in using different sites and their future expectations regarding potential dates.

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” Types of Dating Site There are numerous dating sites or apps available, catering to all kinds of needs, interests, and demographics.In other words, the autonomy afforded by the site affected users’ feeling of being in control, the satisfaction they experienced in decision-making, and their feelings that they had selected a date with whom they could potentially develop a good relationship.Dating sites employing algorithmic matching systems were found to reduce users’ feelings of control.Participants in their study were presented with a simulation of one of the three different types of dating site described above.Following this the researchers administered three measures testing: What They Found The results from this study showed that the see-and-screen type dating systems boosted users’ feelings of control they felt they had in online dating, which consequently increased their decision making satisfaction (optimism about the choices they made) and their future relational prospects with those they had selected.

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