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Sa buong panahong iyon, Si Erap ay hindi ko kailanman nakitang nag-mayabang o nagmarunong.

Nagtatanong siya sa akin tungkol sa mga usapin at kalakaran sa Senado sapagka't bago lang siya at walang karanasan bilang isang mambabatas.

I am sure that before Senator Lacson launched this serial attacks against President Estrada, he knew that his motives would be doubted, questioned, and made the subject of many speculations, both favorable and unsavory.

Knowing Senator Lacson, I am also sure he is prepared to address these doubts and these questions.

In hindsight, if not for that bold and historic vote, we would not have seen the rise of Subic and Clark as living examples of what we can, on our own, achieve as a sovereign nation.

Erap stayed long at the NBI, drove away the media who wanted to capture and feast on my image being fingerprinted and photographed as a criminal. I could never forget this most sincere gesture of concern and kindness which Erap readily extended to me during one of my darkest days, when many of my so-called friends chose to keep their distance from me.This was around the time when many who he thought were his true friends either turned against him or abandoned him.On the other hand, those who despised him from the beginning, for he did not belong to the self-righteous elitist segments of this society, were relentless in their efforts to humiliate him and oust him from Malacanang fast and quick.I cannot claim to know everything about President Erap or to know him as keenly and intimately as perhaps, Senator Lacson does.While I have known him for a long time, I became intimately close to him only fairly recently.

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