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bbox=bllon,bllat,trlon,trlat that returns the number of nodes and segments in an area -- you could write all sorts of statistical programs to use that (density charts etc.) without having to download any data or parse any segments. Because is very big to open to process in everything.. --Frederik Ramm , 9 March 2007 (UTC) Compressed planet dump growing every week by 150 MB. Is it possible to generate divided into smaller areas i.e. are these file provided by OSM, or is there some way of doing it using tools provided in Linux?Myfanwy , 12 November 2007 (UTC) fantastic, thanks for that - now my house mates won't hate me for killing our internet every week.

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It also specifies webseed, so your client should work even if all trackers and seeds/peers are dead if it supports this extension. I haven't heard of such problems yet (and had several success stories).

Based on this readme I found out that the diff is created by Osmosis in the first place.

-- Harry Wood , 14 November 2007 (UTC) I think this phrase is ambiguous anyway.

Teratornis , (UTC)I started a User page (User: Teratornis/Windows Users) where I will try to inventory the GNU tool command-line examples throughout the OSM Wiki and Talk pages (or at least a large enough subset of them to show the scale of the problem for a Windows user; so far I see bash, bzip2, gnuplot, sed, svn, xsltproc), and list some options for the Windows user along with their pros and cons.

Anyone with an interest may then review my user page, and we can decide if and where to publish it, and then go around linking articles to it.

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