Dating nice guy but not attracted

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Your hobby or hobbies excite you and reflect on your personality and your passion for doing what you enjoy so much.Seeing a man with a passion is naturally attractive to women.If you know that the physical is major when it comes to building a romantic relationship, then you should probably stick to what you know.The last thing you want to do is make someone who is really into you feel bad because you act repulsed when they lean in for the kiss.I asked a co-worker if she could date someone she wasn’t physically attracted to. “Because then it’s like you feel repulsed.” The way I see it, you don’t have to be physically attracted to someone to give them a chance. A guy who is caring and really gives of his time and himself to help others. All of these things and more can eventually cause you to look at a fella you once considered less than desirable and give him the eye.After some thought, she said that she would go on a few dates with him, but a serious relationship wouldn’t likely come to fruition. The way it usually goes is that other things about them peak your interest and help to build physical attraction. A guy who is emotionally intelligent, in touch with his feelings and the feelings of those around him. Who he is as a person can turn you on enough to build physical attraction, meaning the sexual attraction can grow over time.

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There has to be something else in a guy she will be attracted to, beyond being nice – he has to show that masculinity that manifests itself in confidence, sense of humor and standing out from the rest of the guys in simple but obvious ways. You might be different because you have a certain rare hobby that captures your soul and consumes a lot of your time.

For the purposes of this article I want to suggest to you that it means anything but being “nice.” If all you are is a nice guy, this means that you are boring!

You are not doing anything to challenge a woman’s mind, to contribute to and openly critique her opinions, to make her laugh, to be sarcastic and tease her, and to make fun of her and yourself in an endearing and charming way that will turn your interaction with her into a fun and memorable banter.

It doesn’t have to be pulsating the moment you meet.

But if that is not the case, then you have to do what works for you.

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