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According to your visa requirements on website one of the required documents is a "Confirmation of Acceptance issued by the Russian Tourist company". Does this refer to the hotel where I will stay - do they provide such a document? Please confirm if she needs to present the same documents like the main applicant and whether there are additional documents needed, like marriage certificate? The application form needs to be signed using a pen. A diplomatic passport is issued to someone who travels internationally on official state business. Which documents should my spouse present when lodging the application? from tourist to business or from business to educational and vice versa)? Kindly note that by selecting “Get a new draft ID” you will not delete the application form you have already created and it will be available for amendments/correction. No, you cannot use your digital signature for the application form. • Russian institution to be visited – non-applicable. Tourists are not supposed to be visiting any departments or organizations. • Name and reference number of the tourist group - as listed on the invitation. Do you accept copies/faxes of the tourist confirmation of acceptance? Tourist visa application • Purpose of visit – TOURISM.

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• Russian institution to be visited – please indicate the name of the invitation issuer. Please be aware, that in case you have recently been granted a Russian visa which is valid at the time you are submitting a new application, we will need you to provide us with the passport where the relevant visa is stamped as the Consulate will need to cancel it. Please note that the hotel booking confirmation and visa support (invitation) is not the same thing.

Be aware that the spring and fall are unpredictable with flurries showing up in May and September, and mud ensuing. You'll travel fast, cheap and easy, skip most of the traffic, and save lots of time. If you haven't learned to speak Russian yet and find yourself in a difficult situation, you can ask hotel receptionists, guides, translators or any English-speaking people to help you get around and find your way back to the hotel or train station.

If you have more, the rest of the sum must be accompanied by a special certificate named “Permission to export currency” issued by a Russian bank. Temperatures range from the 21C-32C in the day to the 10C-21C at night. The Moscow and St Petersburg Metro is a great alternative to using local taxi services.

On the next page enter all the required information.

Kindly note that by selecting “Get a new draft ID” you will not delete the application form you have already created and it will be available for amendments/correction. Please open this link, enter your application ID and click on “Retrieve electronic visa application form”.

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