Dating married man wife found out

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She told him to stop seeing the other counselor and find another one who knows about me too.He is having a very hard time to break it to his wife that he just wants out.I know this because she phoned me (I hung up on her because I was caught unawares and she didn’t give her husband’s name) and then sent me an email.She wanted confirmation of what he told her about how often we met and when we stopped seeing each other. She then started getting nasty, and descended into vitriol, to which I didn’t respond. However, as shitty as her circumstances are, as terribly and righteously angry as she must be feeling right now, as regretful as you must feel right now, if you said “I’m really sorry” to her somewhere in that email exchange then there is literally nothing you can do that will make her feel better or make her life better. I would probably have not gone into this if I didn’t know he would be leaving his wife.

Anyone who does write back to one of her emails (or a public social media post) has just bought themselves 6 more weeks of unwanted contact. Take a different way to work, park in a different place so your car is less of a target for slashed tires and awkward run-ins. How could you respond to someone you know who also knows Mrs.

There are a few things you can do to give yourself a little bit of control back while this spins out: 1) Filter her email address to a special folder that bypasses your inbox. 2) Lock down your social media accounts so they are friends-only. Bad Idea and who is uncool enough to bring it up with you? This was more than three years ago, your involvement is long past, you ended the relationship because you realized it was wrong and have made major changes to how you do things that are more in line with your ethics.

Check it no more than once a month with a trusted friend and a glass of wine at hand –you need to keep anything that comes in to document in case things escalate, but it will be better if you control how and when you engage. If she has accounts that you can easily find, preemptively block them without interacting — if she hasn’t found yours before now, to her it will look like you’ve never existed. 5) Get yourself tested for STIs if you haven’t in a while, since she might not be the only one nursing a nasty surprise from a guy who had so many things going on he had to keep a roster. The dude put his wife at risk, kept NOTES (I’m really never letting that one go – journals are one thing, making your exploits identifiable and findable to others is quite another) and he is really the one who put all of you in this crappy situation.

Both guys know that I slept with married guys in my past.

My problem is that one of the married guys I slept with has been busted by his wife.

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