Dating campagnolo hubs

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Campagnolo had never yet ventured into cogs and chains.

Regina was our old Italian faithful and for most Vintage Campagnolo bikes probably still is today. Authorized Distributor Hans Johnsen Company of Dallas, Texas.

On November 4th, 1924 during the Gran Premio della Vittoria race across the Croce d'Aune Pass he could not loosen the wingnuts of his wheel to flip it over to a different sprocket due to his frozen hands.

This was his incentive to invent a better device to fasten the wheel to the frame.

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You could simply feel that the bearings were better than any of the competition…Actual Catalog 17a – plus a second Catalog containing the bicycle equipment pages from Catalogue No. Containing Velox, Valentino, Gran Turismo, Comando Elefante (a Schwinn Stingray style gigantic top tube shifter), Superleggeri Pedals, Seatpost & pump end, Sport crankset and headset, Disc wheel cover and gear charts for 27 inch wheels. Campagnolo’s Record hubs were the hub of choice in the professional peleton for 25 years and were sold in large numbers – almost all of us who were riding before about 1985 will at one time or another possessed a pair of these hubs.The Introduction of “C” Record, Victory & Triomphe equipment.The Cerchio (rims) catalog is undated but has one page identical to a rims page in the main catalog, so it is assumed to be 1984 despite the use of the older world logo on the cover.

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