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During his time as Governor, Cuomo was instrumental in improving overall public safety by implementing the first law on making seat belts mandatory in America and was also known for creating useful approaches to the criminal justice system as well as helping to construct more prison space.She is also in favor of recent bailouts of the auto industry as well as banks.

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Cuomo was elected Governor of New York in 1982 and came into the national spotlight when he delivered the keynote speech at the 1984 Democratic National Convention, sparking talk that he would run for President.

Cuomo never did run for President despite his popularity and his reluctance earned him the nickname Hamlet on the Hudson.

The values are dependent on the design and size of the motor, but in general, a smaller motor gives higher values than a larger one.

During a direct-on-line start, the starting torque is also very high, and is higher than necessary for most applications.

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