Danna paola dating

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“Her participation is another example of our continued commitment to offer the audience the best productions featuring top-caliber artists.”After starring in the Mexican adaptation of the Broadway musical "Wicked," Danna Paola was rumored to be the lead of a "Picara Soñadora" remake.

Most recently she was a front-runner to be "Simplemente María," but that never materialized.

Neither of them knew of their existence and take the opportunity to live a different life.

Danna Paola, 23, posted a snap of herself cosied up alongside the Paris Saint-Germain star as she wished him a happy birthday.Luckily, the cast — comprised of young Spanish-speaking actors from around the world — can become your next obsession.Danna Paola Rivera Munguía (born June 23, 1995), better known as Danna Paola, is a Mexican actress, singer, model, fashion designer and philanthropist. Paola's acting career began in 1999 when at age 4 she and her sister attended Televisa's casting call in Mexico City for Plaza Sésamo, the Mexican version of Sesame Street.Do you think Danna's telenovela will be a flop or a hit?Danna Paola just gave everyone a lesson on how to properly address her on social media. " telenovela star posted a photo on Instagram where she is seen enjoying life and sipping on coco water.

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