Daisy delahoya still dating london

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But London is still flying high at the moment, basking in his victory over 12 Pack and Flex.

A few more minutes as the boyfriend of Daisy De La Hoya, and a lifetime of STD worries.

I felt like everything was getting to Josh, The cameras, was it fake or real?

And having to be in a house with 20 other dudes, isn’t exactly a picnic.

“What a better way to do it than with drugs and alcohol?

”“On top of using drugs, I also have attempted suicide many times in my life,” De La Hoya admitted.

Well I find it very ironic that out of all the guys that were auditioned to be on my show….

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As for his relationship with Daisy, that's been tested by the rules of the series.

(It finished taping weeks ago, but the finale only just aired; in between, the couple was forced to remain apart.) "You're not going to see each other for this period of time," he explained. Some personal issues and stuff that we're working on.

The reality star spoke to VH1 about how seriously he took the entire process.

"It didn't feel like a game to me," London said of the show.

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