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For ages it has been socially acceptable for men to date much younger women -- which contributes to a large pool of single, middle-aged women.Some of these seasoned, yet still-lovely ladies admit to feeling "invisible" to the opposite sex.Note: The contents of this guide were checked for accuracy when this article was updated on Aug. We continually update the thousands of articles on On, but it's possible some details, specials and offers may have changed.As always, we recommend you call first if you have specific questions for the businesses mentioned in the guide.But there's a group of older gals in the dating scene, often referred to as "cougars," and these ladies aren't turning to a houseful of cats for companionship.Instead, they're dating dudes a decade or more younger than they are, and in some cases, calling the shots.

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Women's sexuality was liberated with the advent of the birth control pill in 1960, yet our society still cannot fathom the thought of a mature woman with a healthy, normal sexual appetite.The definition of "cougar" varies, but usually it refers to a woman in her 40s, 50s or 60s who likes to date guys between 10 and 20 years her junior.Allegedly, the term originated in 2001 in Vancouver.Hollywood has been obsessed with May-to-December relationships for generations, cranking out films like "The Graduate," "Harold and Maude" and "American Beauty." In the 2007 straight-to-DVD movie, "Cougar Club," Warren Kole and Jason Jurman play college grads who have relationships with a series of older women, including female characters played by Carrie Fisher and Faye Dunaway.Vic Jones is the co-owner of Victor's, a nightclub that attracts guests from age 25 to 65.

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