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The band is called mustang hobos, it consists of three band member, lead vocalist, guitarist and a drummer. They play all over Ireland, Galway and Limerick would be the places that they would play frequently with a loyal fan base following them along the way.



In most of these games, the player has to point and click on the various objects or spots in the surrounding to make things happen.

Quite often it is mistaken to be some kind of adventure game or escape game due to all the quests you have to finish.

In order to be successful in these games one has to stay focused and think smartly to get through every challenging situation.

The style of music they play is a quite a mix of genres such as funk, rock, jam, and reggae, even though it is a vast array of genres they do pull it off successively.

They have received praise in various review from bloggers, papers and online, such as “Indie Limerick”, “Galway Independent”, etc.

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