Chloe green dating ollie and spencer

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On a night out with the girls in an attempt to bond, Spencer's reputation is further brought into question when his ex Louise Thompson visits from Edinburgh, commenting she too was weary of Caggie when she dated him.

When Spencer invites Funda on a night out she declines stating she's too tired.

Spencer then questions why she's withdrawn and that she never wants to socialise, leading to another argument.

Spencer goes out with Hugo anyway, and they decide to throw Caggie a surprise birthday get away to Cannes.

Despite telling Millie in confidence, Millie passes the information on to Spencer at the polo match as he bids Caggie a goodbye, and the two kiss.

Comforted by Hugo, he tells him how he's always loved Caggie, and encouraged by Hugo, Spencer decides he can't let Caggie go to New York without trying to stop her.

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Spencer, Hugo, Caggie and Millie then venture out to Cannes, where Spencer and Caggie grow closer, though he doesn't reveal he's both broken up with Funda, and that it's only just happened.Caggie confronts him angrily over this at the Masquerade Ball, and the two fall out.Spencer is shocked to realise his plan to win Caggie over has in fact driven her further away than ever, and she is planning to relocate back to New York.Caggie is shocked to hear this, and upon him suggesting they both date, she rejects him, leaving him crestfallen.Further upset awaits when the group return to London, as Funda hears word that Spencer has taken Caggie to Cannes.

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