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And one big question has been: if they build it, will people come? People will come, if only to see how well the products live up to the hype.

The real question we should be asking is: will they stay?

Authentic impressions for sex game lovers, by sex game lovers!

Editor's Note: The photo gallery that accompanies this piece contains adult material and may not be suitable for viewing at work.

A running joke about capturing other people's panties led to a panty-collecting game with in-world cash awards and prizes.

A new mall that caters only to the Elite Perv Society – residents who earn a certain threshold of "experience points" by participating in chat – includes a wedding store for in-world unions."This is something that came directly out of the community, and they love it," she says. I've experienced first-hand the welcoming hugs and greetings for newbies, and residents go out of their way to show you around, help you set up a house and start earning your jewels.

Because the chat room is audio as well as text – each person has a voice avatar – you can walk away from your computer and still participate."Once you get used to the voices, you can tell who's speaking.

The two titles offer radically different experiences.

Sociolotron emphasizes game play and interactive story rather than ILM-worthy graphics, and actively discourages chatting about your life outside the game. It emphasizes multimedia, beautiful graphics and emergent relationships. Yet both platforms exist because the creators wanted to play in a particular type of environment and couldn't find it, so they built it.

Patric says most newcomers to Sociolotron cancel their accounts within a day or two.

"Our game is special, and you (either) get hooked or (you don't).

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