Cellvalidating en c

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Typically, you will bind to a Binding Source component and bind the Binding Source component to another data source or populate it with business objects.The Binding Source component is the preferred data source because it can bind to a wide variety of data sources and can resolve many data binding issues automatically.Total Rows, 24]; /* sample project is available //GOOD SITE File/mahesh/Array List Binding10212005102338AM/Array List Article.aspx?article ID=81 by kumaresan Thanks kumaresan2011, Here is my problem, I am doing all my calls to the database, and calculations in a Class Library. What I need now, is a way to call the classlibrary in an page, and populate the gridview on that page with the array from the classlibrary.

When you want your Windows Forms application to display tabular data, consider using the Data Grid View control before others (for example, Data Grid).

I need to display the result of my array to make sure that I am getting correct results.

Can anyone show me how to get my array displayed in a datagrid or even a text file. My array below: string[,] Hrs Worked Table = new string[qry.

I would like to check for the validity of a date (such as a February date for leap year) in C#. What I want is to validate the date for any month, day and year; furthermore, the day is to be validated against a particular month and year (not just within 1 - 31). Wellens: You deleted my identical response because you said "Try Parse Exact" was already suggested. Today; Date Time new Date; bool result = Date Time. To Short Date String(), out new Date); // true means correct date bool result1 = Date Time.

I know in VB, you can use the Is Date function to do this. For example, 2/29/2008 is OK, but 2/29/2007 is not (because 2007 is a leap year). Thanks in advance, sg2000 Hi sg2000, I just faced with the problem and luckily saw your post, thank you very much for sharing your acquisition with people. This is incorrect - "Try Parse Exact" is not the same as "Try Parse". Min Value) Is Date("0") == false The long form of the Try Parse method is required so that we can specify Date Time Styles. If you don't do this then "0:0" is parsed as being midnight of the current date and would thus be accepted as a valid date.

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