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Tell your teenager that domestic violence is never acceptable and that they must always report it.RESOURCES FOR SURVIVORS OF TEEN DATING VIOLENCE If you are a teen who is currently experiencing abuse, know that you are not alone.A sudden change in personality or behavior Teenagers are notorious for sullen or moody behavior, but they might be acting out for a more serious reason.Segovia was a straight-A Catholic schoolgirl who attended church every Sunday, but she soon stopped attending both church and school shortly after meeting her boyfriend.

When the violence was at its worst, she remembers waking up one night with a gun at her head.there need to be safe houses for teenagers who are scared and whose families have been threatened, so they don’t have to run away,” she said.“Their mom and dad can then know that they’re safe …An unhealthy attachment to a boyfriend/girlfriend It’s also important to watch out for the more subtle signs of an unhealthy relationship.It can be a red flag when a sociable teenager with many friends and interests suddenly starts distancing themselves from friends and family to spend time with a boyfriend/girlfriend.

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