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As such, it is not unlikely that the average collector might come across one or more of these names in their local antique or china shop!

All three artists were employed through roughly the same period, between the 1930s and 1970s, and it isn’t altogether uncommon to see a saucer signed by one paired with a teacup signed by another.

Through the early-mid Victorian period, John Aynsley (II) subcontracted for various potteries in Staffordshire, before founding a factory (known as the ‘Portland Works’) in Longton in 1861.

The second John Aynsley was also active in local politics, serving as Mayor of Longton between 18.

Although produced in France, Germany, Hungary, and other places, fine bone china is in many ways as quintessentially British as Earl Grey tea and fluffy English scones.

Ceramics have been produced on the British Isles since prehistoric times, although the fine white porcelain we now associate with England were not developed until the mid 18 century.

It should also be noted that the decorating process at Aynsley evolved over the years.

Not much is known about John Aynsley’s early life, but it is likely his parents were semi-elite landowners who helped him set up his Longton factory at the age of 23.

Initially, Aynsley was known as an enameller, indicating he was at first a china decorator rather than a manufacturer.

This Tulip tea service, finished in green, was offered for auction in Glasgow in 2015.

Scarcely seen as a set, this pattern is highly desirable and is often described with reference to the butterfly handles (as opposed to the pattern name) when offered for sale.

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