Army dating in same battalion

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Staff Sergeants – although not greater in authority per se than an E5 – do in fact oversee more troops.

In fact, Staff Sergeants have other Sergeants serving under them, but at this grade the difference in rank has to do more with years of experience.

To provide the essential facilities, three additional port complexes are being developed, and logistics and air bases are being constructed at four enclaves which can be supplied by sea transport and also are located so that they can support the combat forces in action against the Viet Cong.

Bases in the interior are to be constructed also, to serve as jumping-off places for airborne combat troops, such as the 1st Cavalry now based at An Khe in the Central Highlands between the coastal base at Qui Nhon and Pleiku.

Staff Sergeants are possibly the most influential and significant NCO grade, offering experience and counselorship to officers and others above and below them in rank.

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NCOs at this level are close to 20 years in service, and it is at this grade that the Sergeant is considered a Senior NCO.First Sergeants are addressed in this manner, rather than the abbreviated "Sergeant" moniker acceptable at lower grades.Master Sergeants occupy the same E8 grade, but their duties tend to revolve around Battalion-level administrative and staff roles rather than direct troop command.The increased strength and rapid deployment of American troops to Vietnam created a soaring requirement for logistics and air support.Military air facilities and port facilities at Saigon are particularly needed.

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