Are daniel radcliffe and teresa palmer dating

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My mum and dad went to see it on my 21st birthday, when I was out of the country.As if they haven’t had enough moments of their boy growing up over the last few years, they went and traumatised themselves by watching that.You might think, well, easy to have that attitude if you’re a multi-millionaire at 21.But Dan’s lack of interest in financial gain seems to come from a genuine place.

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Hours later, and despite the arduous shoot, Dan is brimming with hyperactive enthusiasm.He pauses, then asks, “Would you like a vodka and tonic?I used to drink vodka and diet coke but my parents said I’ve got to start ordering grown-up drinks. ” Like many child stars, he appears simultaneously very young and unbelievably mature: a combination that comes from so much life experience at such a young age, coupled with growing up in the cosy cocoon of fame.It was the same with Teresa Palmer in December Boys.Of course, I knew that she didn’t actually fancy me; she has a six-foot Aussie Rules-playing boyfriend.

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