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That was, you know, kind of crazy, ‘cause some of the extras would talk, and we would always have to say “Silence! When there’s a large group of people that come in, it’s always more hectic to try to tell them what to do, and if they don’t do something well, like let’s say one of them looks at the camera and then you see it, we have to re-shoot it. Anne-Sophie: My favourite scene is definitely the crazy scene.

We were actually in a real asylum, where mental patients used to be, so the vibes there were really freaky. FZ: How do you feel about being labeled a “teen” filmmaker?

Also, just to inspire people and help other filmmakers and produce their films.

Faze caught up with the young starlet, to talk about her film and her future in filmmaking.

Anne-Sophie: I am definitely proud, but I think that sometimes people talk so much about my age, and at the end of day it’s just about my drive.

It’s not because of my age that I’m where I’m at, it’s just my drive.

My long term goal is to have my own studio; I have my own production company, Anne-Sophie Films, and it’s just basically to expand that, and help people, because that’s my main thing.

I raise awareness for special-needs kids, I put them in my movies, and I’m going to do a fund for them.

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