Android exchange calendar not updating

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This can be very frustrating, especially since not every Android device is created equally.

With different release numbers, different provider platforms (Motorola Motoblur vs. Samsung Galaxy), and even different installations of Exchange, it can easily become a chore to keep this feature working.

Check that access to Contacts is allowed for Outlook: Steps may vary between devices and between operating systems.

If you don't own an i OS or Samsung Android device, use these directions as a guideline: Important: Apple has fixed an issue in 11.0 that caused a "Cannot send mail" error for and Exchange mail accounts. If you don't see a calendar option or your account was listed as IMAP, tap More and select Remove account. If you are using a tablet with a screen size larger than 10.1 inches like a Surface Pro tablet, you most likely have the desktop version of Outlook.

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