Alopecia dating

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He said 'while Trina (my sis) will have to weed out all the vain, mean and superficial guys the hard way, I'll probably be more likely to meet the nice accepting guys right off the bat' So maybe we can use it as a tool to discover those boys that are really worthy of our attention :c) *hugs* keep your head up :c)I've had a few guys that knew about my hair and they all accepted it. I am just building up the courage to show him my head without hair. So I did (crying the whole time) and for the first time in my life I was glad I was wrong. I have been with my boyfriend now for almost 4 years and he knows about it and accepts it. But if you look on this website, there are so many women with alopecia that are happily married or in happy relationships. I always found it hard to tell guys about my alopecia. I though I would never find a person who accepts me and understands me. One someone really loves you.will love you for what you really are inside. I can go back to 5 years ago to postings on the NAA website, where I was sobbing becuase some jerk decided he couldnt date me because I wore a wig. If you have a problem with me being bald ....would be your problem not mine.

I guess my point is underneath the clothes, bras, plastic surgery, and make-up all of us girls are universially the same.

Always worried about what the guy would do or think when he found out about my alopecia.

There were the guys who could handle it but they were far out-numbered by the guys that couldn't. I am no different from any other girl out there in the fact that I do something to enhance the way I feel about myself.

We are all trying to make ourselves feel better about ourselves.

The only difference is the things I have mentioned above are more socially accepted.

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