Al gore dating

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(Little could the two predict the barrage of Inconvenient Truth-pun headlines that would spread word of Gore’s separation from his wife, Tipper, three years later.) According to Star, the alleged dalliance is the reason for the end of the Gores’ 40-year marriage.The gossip rag hits newsstands tomorrow; the statements of denial, presumably, will hit the Internet sooner than that.Nowadays, they mainly see each other at events for their children and grandchildren.

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n January 2012, Gore threw himself a coming-out party of sorts.She communicated emotion fluently and was easy to like.And she was a devoted political wifethe most supportive of the supporting cast.His Climate Reality Project, which he founded and helps fund, chartered the National Geographic Explorer, a roughly 370-foot icebreaker, to take him and 142 carefully selected paying guests to Antarctica, where he could dramatically illustrate the perils of global warming.He’d stocked the cruise with more than a dozen of the world’s top climate scientiststhey came for free.

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