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Take notice, they are called high-risk not because they are unprofitable.

Instead, they are deemed so due to a close connection with fraud, refunds, and chargebacks.

If you are running a legally compliant online Adult business and finding it hard to secure a merchant account, you can talk to our representatives on ( 44) 20 32862655 for discussing your options.


THE RADIANT PAY ADVANTAGE We provide flexible payment solutions to help your Adult Online Business process high volume of transactions, instantly!

FEATURES Radiant Pay has just the right mix of merchant account features to cover your enterprise's high risk levels and help your profits flow seamlessly.

Adult business is not the only type of business that is considered high-risk.

Our customised and scalable solutions can help your business qualify for credit card acceptance from a vast pool of offshore banking partners at a convenient charge.

First, they are closely associated with fraud and chargebacks – that’s why they are subject to government scrutiny and various regulations.

Second, high-risk businesses often have a doubtful reputation.

Opening this account shows the merchant that you take your business seriously. Before you get approved for credit card processing for adult video sites, it’s critical to get certain documents ready.

Must-have papers are listed right below: If you get approved quickly, you get a higher chance of bringing in more revenues, making payments on time, and building up your business as a low-risk venture.

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