Actionscript xml validating schema

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Technical writers are quickly adopting structured authoring and therefore are able to deliver their content in XML, using standards such as DITA (for topic-based information such as Help), S1000D (in aerospace or defense environments), SPL (for pharmaceutical products), and so on.This article demonstrates how easy it is to develop an XML document viewer in Flex, and then use Adobe AIR to package and deliver the application.Figure 1 shows the product information for a line of sunglasses in the XML Viewer sample application.

This is an advantage of using structured documents and XML: Your authoring environment and your publishing environment can be isolated from each other, allowing you to change your authoring environment or support multiple authoring tools without affecting the downstream publishing environment.

The content of the document (text, graphics, and so on) is organized into a hierarchy of elements and attributes, and the rules dictating how the content is tagged and organized are described in a schema or Document Type Definition (DTD) as shown in Figure 3.

Years ago, it was common in certain industries (such as aerospace) to represent structured documents in SGML.

Graphics, numbered lists, and tables in the document need to be rendered correctly.

At the highest level, you will build the XML viewer sample application from a selection of built-in Flex layout and control components.

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