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Website Podcast Link Shoniqua is singer and entrepreneur with a passion for art awareness and support.

With her life experiences, Shoniqua learned the power of self-love and eventually inspired other women to do the same.

Loni is passionate about travel, food, off-the-beaten-path adventures, self-care, genuine connections, açaí bowls, onesies, and is a self-proclaimed music aficionado.

She’s helped hundreds of women all over the world stop living half-lives and through the show helps them realize the power they already have to create a truly beautiful life.Congratulations to the new members featured for August and September 2018!We are proud of our growing community and invite you to welcome our colleagues to the Podcast Movement family!Website Podcast Link A former journalist and experienced communications specialist who has become a wine enthusiast in the last ten years or so, member of the wine guild Commanderij Osiris and now a podcaster.Website Podcast Link Emily is an editorial director at Hallmark and is the 2018 recipient of Hallmark’s prestigious Barbara Marshall Award granting her a six-month sabbatical to pursue a personal project.

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