19 and 24 year old dating onlinedatinginstructor com

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I'm think more along the lines of emotional maturity because I feel like there's a huge difference between being 20 and around 23.

At 23, you learn how to take care of yourself and how to truly be independent.

We are both in the medical field she is a CNA and going to school to become an RN.

I was 23 when I started dating my then 20 year old girlfriend. Moral of the story, look past what your dick is thinking and determine if you are actually at the same point.IMO emotional maturity is the most important thing.You can have things in common, but that doesn't matter if she or you can't handle a relationship without possessiveness. However, I am worried I as well as her can easily fall in love with each other and we are both a little worried and afraid to get hurt. I am a pretty realistic person and understand that 19 and 26 year olds are on totally different playing fields but for some reason it doesn't seem that way with her. Our communication is amazing and we seem to be on the same page. I know you sometimes don't get choose who you love.

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