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Miranda also stated that the concept of ten commandments stemmed from the "Ten Crack Commandments", which served as a guide to illegal acts during the 1990s, as well as being a song by the Notorious B. Thus, as per the author, the audience will be on board when "some beloved characters pick up pistols" later on in the musical.

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The Hebrew names of the first five books are derived from the first few words of the book.

Torah however, can mean different things in different contexts.

Torah primarily refers to the first section of the Tanakh which is an acronym that identifies the Hebrew Bible and is based on the initial Hebrew letters of each of the text's three parts.

Many of these laws were instituted because of sin (example Passover) and hence were in fact only for the Jews because the Gospel did not go to the Gentiles until after the sacrificial law ended at the cross.

But the Ten Commandments of course are very much a standalone law for all mankind.

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